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Nancy Whichard, Ph.D., PCC

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"The last hurdle for a graduate student in any field is to finally write a dissertation. There are many challenges embedded in this final task, such as working and writing collaboratively and building a consensus that, yes, this student is ready to fly. It was at this stage that I started working with Nancy. Nancy helped me take an inventory of my quiver of signature strengths, and for each challenge encouraged me to call on that strength. I am confident that she could similarly help an ABD in any field of expertise."

Blake Laing, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
Southern Adventist University
Chattanooga, Tennessee

"Nancy is lively, smart, funny, and an active listener who asks focused and powerful questions. During the 14 months we worked together, I completed my entire dissertation, revised a journal article that was ultimately accepted for publication, wrote and submitted an application for a national fellowship which I was awarded, entered the academic job market, and accepted a job that I love! These successes would not have been possible without Nancy’s coaching. Indeed, Nancy was more than just a “dissertation coach” – she was a life and work mentor."

Lori Peek, Ph.D.,
Visiting Research Scientist, Columbia University
Associate Professor,
Colorado State University

Dissertation / Writing
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Virtual Dissertation Boot Camp

Is it hard for you to commit to writing every day? Is writing becoming more and more of a distant memory?

What if you had help in carving out a chunk of time for writing and help in following through with that plan?

If writing is a giant obstacle for you and if you distract and even deceive yourself so that you don’t write, the Virtual Dissertation Boot Camp is for you!

Commit to two weeks of Virtual Dissertation Boot Camp and discover the power of habit.

Call a friend – a discount is available for group registration.

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“Boot Camp gave me the skills to focus and subsequently to make progress on my dissertation in a timely way. By instilling in me a writing habit and confidence in my ability to write, Boot Camp rekindled my love for my chosen discipline and helped me remember why I had decided to pursue a PhD.”

Christy Flatt


Is this you?

Academic, Professional, Creative Writers

My clients are high-functioning, productive, respected, brilliant, but they are now struggling with a writing project, and it is difficult for them to ask for help.

They have procrastinated or talked themselves into believing that they have no time available for their dissertation or other important writing project. Something else always seems to take priority—grading papers or prepping for class, if a teacher; doing the work of three people, if a government worker; fielding requests that never stop, if working in an IT department. Sometimes family responsibilities coupled with their job make them feel overwhelmed. Just the thought of confronting yet another project—this writing project—leaves them feeling that life is on the verge of being out of control.

They're starting to question if they can actually finish the dissertation. Is it too big? Are the demands from advisors or superiors too exhaustive and exhausting? Is time running out?

It's often said that writing is hard work. Sometimes just staying seated at the computer, when all you want to do is flee, demands more strength than you think you have.

My beliefs

To move forward in a writing project of this magnitude takes bravery and a shift in your thinking. I understand the roles that discouragement and fear can play in writing, and I also understand how procrastination can protect a person from those bad feelings. You have to make choices, even when you don't know which way or which idea is right. You have to act as if you know what you're doing and trust yourself.

Writing can be the opportunity to tame your gremlins and boldly and bravely write past them.

My approach

Above all, I see each client as unique and enormously interesting. I work with you to design the coaching relationship that will get you the results you want with the least amount of anxiety. My approach is to help you find renewed enthusiasm, momentum, and flow that will carry you to your ultimate goal. We will identify your personal strengths and your successes in other projects in order for you consciously to call upon those strengths and the strategies now.

I am curious about what you are writing. I encourage you to rehearse your ideas aloud during our coaching calls so that you can experience the renewed energy and exhilaration that come from discussing your ideas.

My uniqueness

Because of my academic background and my understanding of and love for the writing process, I use specific techniques to encourage productivity. In addition, I listen with curiosity, intuition, and empathy, knowing the power of the writing process once we surrender to it and throw ourselves into the work.

In coaching, I use and encourage a strategic, savvy, and very practical outlook so that my clients will be both astute and diplomatic in dealings with advisors, committees, and superiors. A savvy and practical outlook will also help you to put this project into proportion as one that you will finish and then move on.

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