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"People who are juggling the minutiae of daily life along with the imperatives of creative projects will understand: Nancy Whichard helped me to solve the Dishwasher Problem and supported my efforts to Clear the Dining Room Table with just as much warmth and wisdom as she employed in helping me to honor the writer in me, set realistic goals and then meet them."

Heidi Mordhorst, teacher and poet,
author of Squeeze: Poems from a Juicy Universe and
Pumpkin Butterfly: Poems from the Other Side of Nature

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                WHAT STORY WILL YOU WRITE?

Is this you?

Clients who hire me for Life and Career Coaching have been successful in other areas of their lives, but are now looking for a new mission.

Many of my clients are at mid-life (the new 30) and are no longer willing to settle for the predictable but harried (and perhaps isolated) lives they are now living. They realize their potential and are ready for some serious life planning, but they come to coaching tentatively. Most are not clear on the specific changes they want.

What you can expect

You will define specific, manageable goals, put structures in place to accommodate those goals, and will be held accountable for what you commit to do. You will feel less stress and more hope as you tap into the power and discipline that your strengths, successes, creativity, and experience provide.

My approach

Above all, I see each client as unique and enormously interesting. I work with you to design a comfortable, rewarding coaching relationship that will allow you to focus on what you want and what you need to do. We start with identifying your personal signature strengths. I will encourage you to be open to the power and freedom that the knowledge of your signature strengths brings to this point in your life's journey. Since we often forget what we have done right and what has produced success in the past, I work with you to pinpoint those successes and then to break the process leading to the successes into specific steps to help you be aware of success strategies that are available to you.

I am curious about the choices you have made in your career and life that have been pivotal to where you are now. I encourage you to construct a career time line that comes forward to the present as well as to design the perfect job or life changes that would give you greater life satisfaction in the future. I ask that you use professionally constructed career- and life-assessment tools, but I also put great stock in self-assessment. In addition, there is great power in having a curious, nonjudgmental listener ask you strong, resonating questions.

Making specific goals that will compel you forward is essential. Our coaching will anticipate change, and to make those changes, not only is goal-setting key, but also integral are prioritizing, focusing, and following through.

MY UNIQUENESS—What Story Will You Write?

Because of my understanding of and love for the writing process, I apply some techniques used to bring forth creativity and to encourage productivity in writing to your composing your life. What story will you write? You get to choose how you narrate what comes next for you. Many of my clients find helpful my use of visualization techniques—using your mind's eye to see a new way of being. I also urge my clients to ask questions of others.

I have a very practical streak—what are the specific steps that you will take to move you closer to where you want to be?

I listen to my clients with curiosity, intuition, and empathy, appreciating the power of a desire for change.

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